Be part of it

Be part of it

If you like the project, you can

  • * Get a fruit basket
  • * Donate a tree* or a straw bale*
  • * Support

* By donating one or more trees you will help to increase biodiversity and so helping fertility and health of the soil.

* The straw bale is organic matter that will be spread on the ground, helping the soil in may ways. The straw will prevent soil erosion from heavy rains, winds, drought, floods and very hot or cold temperatures. It will also keep the so important humidity necessary for life to happen. It will provide food for the soil by decomposition, as it is organic matter. It helps to bring in small animals, insects and birds which are so necessary for the system as well. Straw will speed up the process of stable humus creation.

Get a fruit basket:

This will brings you to a direct relation with your food through your nearest farmer. It`s an alternative form of agriculture in which the farmer and consumer can really work together. The consumer by buying direclty from a farmer, will support his work and will help him/her to plant new vegetables or fruit trees.

We offer weekly baskets* of our fresh seasonal fruit. We will try to provide you with a satisfying amount of fruit, but since we are not growing in a conventional way, you should be flexible with what you will find in the basket. This means that you could find some surprise (worm) in the fruit or that the fruit will may not look perfect. Period and production.

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