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The Big Tree

The Big Tree, located in I Giardini di Naxos, is named after the large pecan nut tree growing in front of the entrance to the house.The project is based on three main themes:

Soil recovery:

reviving the fertility of the soil.

Growing food

providing good healthy food both for ourselves and for others.


bringing people together to share and celebrate nature.

The project began in June 2018 and is inspired by the splendid work of many innovative people, groups and communities.

We believe…

Mother Earth is the source of our basic wealth; this is where our food comes from, where we come from, and the way we heal ourselves and our land. This can only happen with healthy soil. We believe that the land is everything and it is almost a living being in and of itself. Healthy soil and growing food should be our first mission as human beings. Every person should try to grow his/her own food, even in a few pots on a windowsill or a balcony.

This is what we do…

We care for the soil by returning to it as much as organic matter as possible (mulching) and by having a wide biodiversity of life of indigenous plants and wild animals. We believe that worms and beneficial micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungus are also useful allies. Once the soil is healthy, nature will provide us with plenty of gifts, a high level of energy and healthy nutritional food.

Be a part , if you like and believe in our project, you can:

Have a direct relationship with your food through your nearest farmer. It`s an alternative form of agriculture in which the farmer and consumer can really work together. The consumer by buying directly from a farmer, will support his work and will help him plant new vegetables or fruit trees.

We offer weekly baskets of our fresh seasonal fruit. We will try to provide you with a satisfying variety of fruit, but since we don’t grow food in a conventional way, you should be flexible with what you will find in the basket. This means that you could find some surprises (worms) in the fruit or that the fruit may not look perfect.

Seasonal Food Production

By donating one or more trees you will help to increase biodiversity and by doing so increase the fertility and health of the soil.

Straw bale is organic matter that will be spread on the ground, helping the soil in many ways. The straw will prevent soil erosion from heavy rains, winds, drought, floods and extreme hot or cold temperatures. It will also keep the level of humidity which is necessary for life to occur. It will provide food for the soil by decomposition, as it is organic matter and will help bring in small animals, insects and birds which are necessary for the eco system as well. Straw will speed up the process of stable humus creation.

Future Vision

In the future, we would love to:

  •  Increase our biodiversity by planting many new fruit trees.
  • Start growing seasonal vegetables to add to our baskets.
  • Welcome volunteers: volunteering are a good way to live in direct contact with nature and its rhythm. It is a unique experience of learning, sharing with others and celebrating nature.
  • Bring people together to share and celebrate nature, involve the local community, organize gastronomic meetings and musical events.

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